Monday, February 27, 2012

Midnight shopping spree

What started as an innocent Online purchase turned into a shopping spree last night when my dear friend Michelle told me about, a shop-referral program that awards cash-backs for going to online vendors through their webpage.

Shopaholics/Deal Hunters Be Warned: ebates can get dangerous!

I was only supposed to pick up 2 Clarisonic Mia's - one for me and one for Eva - but ended up browsing through the and upon comparing prices with the Sephora website, the total damage came out to be over $300!!

Well, technically a third of that could be attributed to Eva (her Clarisonic Mia) and a third of the remainder was intended to be gifts (a gorgeous blush set and Hello Kitty blotting paper), so I don't feel *as* guilty.  The only challenge now is to hold off buying any more makeup until the orders arrive!

1 comment:

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