Wednesday, August 24, 2011


LoL, one of my favorite ways to let off some steam, has not treated me kindly lately.  Well, it's not exactly the game's fault - there was a huge update featuring new interface and graphics along with a bunch of other patches, but somehow after it's updated my computer doesn't seem capable of handling the game anymore - choppy graphics, constant lags, frequent disconnection... you name it.

LoL was the prime suspect that killed the hard drive on B's XPS (and the drive was only a couple of months old!)  It got especially frustrating tonight because my first game was ruined by incessant interruptions (phone calls, having to move car) and second by internet connectivity issues due to the lightning storm.  Then, after finally getting the time to sit down with B for a game uninterrupted, my computer crashed altogether, seemingly from overheat.  Looks like I'm going to need to upgrade my hardware soon.

P.S. in case you're wondering what "jfdkl;ajfdklajfdklaf" is, it's what you'd get when you hit your keyboard in frustration, usually after an untimely lag.

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