Friday, February 19, 2010

active week

I only made it to the gym once this week for Zumba, and even then we couldn't finish the class because there was something wrong with the air conditioning and the studio was getting so hot and stuffy that we sweated more than we would have in the sauna.

And yoga didn't happen yesterday.  We wanted to wax our snowboards last Saturday - I knew I wasn't gonna have time during the week and we were not doing anything until later on - but no, Dad insisted that he be there when we do it and he insisted that we do it later.  Well, that "later" happened to be the same night as my Yoga class.  It also happened to be a night when I don't have B around to help me with it.  In the end we managed to wax all 3 boards, but somehow there were grey streaks on B's board.  Maybe because our boards were black on the bottom so it's not noticeable and his was a neon lime color so it showed.  *shrug*  It didn't happen on my board, so I guess it's OK.

Despite missing gym time, I did attend our Volleyball practice - this is our second year participating in the Icewave Fundraising Tournament for SickKids.  It was also my second time playing volleyball.  (Hey, they did say newbies were welcomed!)  Now I'm typing with purple thumbs and bruise marks are also showing up all along my forearm!  But it's all for a good cause because without money going into cancer research these poor kids won't see advances in medicine that could help them.  If you'd like to become a sponsor for our team, go here to donate on-line.

And that's not all, I have badminton lined up tonight and a day at Blue Mountain tomorrow - I'm so excited about snowboarding with Mish and Em again I can hardly wait!

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