Saturday, February 12, 2011

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea seems to be one of the British traditions that has taken deep roots and then flourished in Hong Kong and it's so ingrained in the minds of Hong Kong people that even after having spent the last decade here in Canada we still put on a pot of tea in the afternoon and gather round for a small meal whenever we get a chance.

Today we had a special treat - we were lured into the European deli right next to the supermarket and after much contemplation (trust me there were a whole lot to choose from) decided on this beauty:

The cake was not too sweet and not too heavy with strawberry jam and cream amidst thin cake layers, and the dark chocolate made a perfect topping. It was a heavenly accompaniment to the strong orange pekoe that we enjoy with a little bit of condensed milk.

These pastry and cakes are sold by the pound and you can ask them to cut out exactly how much you need. It's such a great idea because you can get small portions of a variety of pastries to sample or when you are entertaining on a short notice.

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