Sunday, October 23, 2011

I need to cast on.... NOW!!!

Towards the end of the summer I saw a funny-looking knitted garment on the window display in yarn shop in First Markham Plaza - it was like a scarf but the ends were sewn together, sort of like a cowl, but longer and narrower.  At that time, of course, I had no clue that it was called an infinity scarf.  I thought it was an interesting idea though, and planned to make use of some pretty variegated yarn I have stashed away, since it looked like a regular scarf in garter stitch with ends sewn in that could be whipped up in a few hours.  I ended up making another pom-pom scarf though - after showing Fei how to crochet I got the bug to make one too.

Fast-forward to this week - I am just about to go nuts, kicking myself for not following through with the knitting, because infinity scarves were EVERYWHERE.  From Old Navy, to Costa Blanca, to Burberry - they all had their own versions.  I want one - and I want one NOW!!  And the infinity scarf would make such nice gifts!!  By the rate I finish projects, though - and to be honest quite a few of them never gets finished - I'll never get to wrap one around my neck before the weather gets too warm for it, let alone meeting the Christmas deadline.  I do have my eyes on a few patterns for hand-warmers though, and slippers that we planned to knit last winter.  My fingers are itching to knit...

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