Sunday, November 6, 2011

yikes... not again!!

What is with my bad luck with cars this year... is it a sign that I shouldn't be driving anymore??  Oh wait - this time, my car got hit when I wasn't even in the car!!  And my poor baby just got all fixed up in June when some woman drove into my car when she turned left and left a huge dent on the door and scratched the whole left side.  Who then tried to blame it on me for trying to run a light (I don't ever recall it being a crime to keep going under a green light...)

This guy here in the parking lot today backed into the back of my car and left a crack just behind the wheel on the bumper and a scratch on the quarter panel just below the fuel intake - then tried to brush it off and said it's just my car being dirty.  Good thing my co-worker was just looking out the window and caught him before he could take off - otherwise I'd be at a loss.  I don't really know what to do though - would it be worthwhile to get my car fixed again?

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