Saturday, February 25, 2012

BIOTHERM Celluli Laser scrub

I love scrubs.  Face scrubs from my first St. Ives Apricot Scrub to my current fave Idealist Micro-D Thermal Refinisher from Estee Lauder, body polishes from the Body Shop, cuticle scrub by Avon, pumice scrub for the feet from H2O+ - I'm a junkie that will try pretty much any scrub on the market.  That feeling of pure cleanliness is addictive.

So even though I don't really have what's classically defined as "cellulite" (thank goodness!), I picked this up from one of the warehouse sales last year.


I had stashed it away and didn't remember having bought this until I went to put away the extra body butter I had stocked up on from the Body Shop's 3 for $30 event.  Instead of using the body scrub from the Body Shop, I thought I'd try this one out first.


The scrub itself is a translucent orange color with visible beads, and the texture is quite thick.  The citrus-y smell is decent and not overly strong.  The instruction was to rub and massage onto dampened skin - which proved somewhat difficult to do as it dries up quickly.  A little more liberal splash of water helped spread the scrub out and the skin did feel very smooth after rinsing out with warm water.  I can't tell if it's really effective in what it claims though, but I might as well believe that it helps prevent cellulite too!

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