Monday, July 9, 2012

haul from Estee Lauder warehouse sale 2012

I know it's been a few weeks but I just got around to documenting my haul in pictures:

 This year, I somewhat behaved myself and only came away with these finds... yet how did my bill add up to so much?

 super excited about trying out this loose powder eye shadow set!

 Coral lip glosses too pretty to pass

a great  under-eye concealer/powder combo from Bobbi Brown

 should have picked up more of these~ wrinkle-fighting eye masks that I got for a third of its regular price!

goodies for Mish~ i hope she likes them!

I tell myself every time we go to a warehouse sale that this is the last time I'll ever need to buy makeup until next year... yet I just couldn't help but stock up on these goodies!  I find the prices, generally, had gone up though - these sales used to offer steep discounts compared to retail... maybe the retail prices had gone up as well?

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