Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Always feel better after hot yoga - not sure if it's because of serene quiet as i lay in shavasana in the warmth or the fact that I sweat buckets - there's something satisfying about getting completely drenched from a workout, heat assisted or not, and all you can focus on is how it feels in the here and now.

I had almost forgotten how much I like it - it seems a waste to spend time in a heated room when it was gorgeous out there but then the gloomy rain has driven me back.  I'm a little rusty and had trouble with holding some poses, but hopefully as i get back into it in the colder months I will regain some ground.

And my fav instructor Matthew always have the best soundtrack - i love that it's not the kind of music that pops into mind when one thinks of yoga (instrumental sitar and all) but just a really relaxing mix of songs I've heard here and there.  I hope he will be sharing his playlist.

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