Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toy Story 3

Since our usual Tuesday gathering wasn't gonna happen last night, Mish and I decided to catch a movie instead.  My brother and I had been wanting to see Toy Story 3, and since Dad was out at soccer and Mom went out shopping, I took him with me.  The theatre was packed!  I was surprised to see such a big crowd on a weeknight, but it turns out Cineplex has a Tuesday night special where all admissions are half-price.  It's such a great deal - even better than the corporate rate I get :)

We managed to get in just in time, but couldn't find room to sit together in a row.  It was a considerably smaller cinema because the movie's about a month old.  We still had a great time (except for one lady who kept commenting aloud throughout the movie), and it's definitely a must-see in 3D.  The third installment of the series was much more mature (just like the audience) with elements of violence and romance that probably weren't meant for kids.  Or maybe kids nowadays become mature at a younger age.  Either way, we all really enjoyed it even though there were some sad moments in the movie, and I would love to go back on a Tuesday to enjoy another half-priced movie.

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