Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wishing I was still in Tobermory

Amazing view from backyard of B&B we stayed in
 At the insistence of my best friend Eva, we went on a trip to Tobermory, which is right at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.  We started searching for accommodation more than 2 weeks ahead of time, but it was a long weekend and most of the motels and inns were already fully-booked.  Luckily, my mass e-mail strategy resulted in one reply from a Bed & Breakfast that they had rooms available - the only catch was there was a minimum of three nights' stay because it was a long weekend.  It turned out to be this amazing house that was built from scratch by the couple who ran the B&B, and they were gracious enough to lend us their BBQ and paddle boat.
Inside the B&B

We didn't get to try snorkelling nor kayaking nor canoeing, but we did get to see some really amazing sights. 

The glass-bottom boat tour from Tobermory was disappointing - we had imagined the whole bottom of the boat to be made of glass, but it turns out that their idea of a "glass-bottom boat" was two glass window on the bottom towards the front of the boat that you look down into.

The shipwrecks were actually visible from the side of the boat, and we actually got a better view that way rather than looking down through these glass windows, which were overcrowded as everyone tried to sneak a peek at the shipwreck underwater.  We saw the shipwrecks we wanted to see,

we saw the lighthouse in Little Tub, 

and we hiked around Flower Pot Island. 

We waded in the shallow waters of Singing Sands, 

We saw the Devil's Monument and survived the treacherous hike,

It was way overcrowded, but we did get to see the Grotto,

and some amazing views along the Georgian Bay.

We went down to Lion's Head and saw the tiny lighthouse and marina there - and saw sand sculptures for competition.

We pretty much covered the whole northern Bruce Peninsula.  It was a fun trip and I definitely wish I was still in the beautiful Tobermory.

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