Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zorbing and Tubing and Zip-flying

Since my brother's friend had a 2-for-1 admission coupon for the Horseshoe Adventure Park, we tagged along, thinking that we would get to try treetop trekking - which I had been eyeing as our celebratory "date" for B's birthday.  Only had we gotten there did we find out that Treetop trekking is actually not ran by Horseshoe and there would be additional charges and advance booking required to participate.  But we were there already and so were my brother's friends so we thought we'd meet up first before we decide.

We squeezed in a round of mini-golf on the way - then we each rode in a zorb at least once (and more for me because I also went in the water-filled one) - and slid down the hill on tubings even though there wasn't any snow.  We did some rock-climbing before taking the 15-minutes hike up to the peak and climbed a steel tower about 5-storeys high, then crossed the valley in under a minute on the zip flyer.  It was a blast!

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