Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gingerbread House(s) 2010 + 1st batch of Xmas Cookies?

This year, instead of getting a house each, Mish and I decided to just help Alan with his and we'd work on these adorable tiny houses that would make up a gingerbread village. 

The kit even came complete with icing mix, color and candies.

The "Red Red" food coloring wasn't red though - instead, it made hot pink icing, which wasn't very christmasy and so we decided to use that as the binding glue:

I was confident that these houses would turn out just as nicely as what we picked up from Bulk Barn last year, being the Wilton brand and all - but to be honest, if we were to keep gingerbread building as a christmas tradition of ours, I will definitely stick with Bulk Barn next time.  These little gingerbread houses came as one piece - so we had to chop up the individual pieces, which isn't as easy as it seems - most of the edges were uneven and some pieces even broke while we tried to separate the roofs from the walls.  We tried, but I don't think these tiny houses would ever be able to stand up straight...

On the side, we made oatmeal raisin cookies that had a nice crnchy outside and a soft chewy center... yum!!

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