Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shooting and Shopping Fun

This past weekend was the last weekend to shop before Christmas but rather than spending the whole day shopping in the States we made a trip to the shooting range first.

We shot one of these...

source: weheartit.com

and something that looked like this:

and a magnum (revolver) and another .9 mm.  Those big ones are so much fun!  Too bad we couldn't get more pictures though because we were worried about cross-contamination and we heard lead poisoning could make one more stupid than he already is.

Our itinerary got delayed quite a bit though because our reservation was given away to another group that was mistaken to be us, so we ended up not having enough time to travel to the outlet mall that we originally intended to visit.  Military mall, or Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls as other knows it, had been the outlet mall my ex-coworkers and I used to make a trip to in the summer.  The deals were definitely not as good though, maybe because retailers know that this is the time of year where shoppers who are desperate to find last-minute gifts would probably be willing to buy regardless of the price.  We didn't find much except in the most unlikely place - the Eddie Bauer store - where B got a nice down jacket for under $150.

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