Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shopping Trip and Sushi Dinner

Mom told me about a good sale Gap has put out, so my coworker and I decided to make it a girl's night out :)  We went to Square One after work and luckily the drive wasn't too bad so we had plenty of time - and we each scored some really good deals!  I picked up some really nice sweaters (a cream cowl neck and a pink v-neck cashmere blend) and an interesting gray top, and we both got the same navy blue skirt printed all over with red squares.  All for under $60!!  Walking around the mall was a pretty good work out though, and soon we were famished.

 We had decided to go to JJ for dinner since she was in the mood for Japanese food.  I've only been to JJ for lunch since my old workplace was literally right behind it - we used to walk from our office through the stairs towards the back of the parking lot and get there in under a minute.  It was my first time there for dinner though.  And boy was I surprised!  This place was totally different from when we visited during the day.  It's like it's come alive or something.  Service was a little off though - there seemed to be a mix up and we had to wait for a table while others walked right in, then we were led to a squishy table near the entrance - but the hostess finally made good on her word and led us to a nice table right by the fireplace.

The menu was definitely new to me - I've only seen the lunch sets and wasn't aware of the variety of delicious offering on the dinner menu.  However, since we've been introduced to JJ's sister restaurant Spoon and Fork, which offers all-you-can-eat menus, this was a little steeper than I had expected.

But the food was yummy!!  We ordered several dishes to share because I saw the portion size seems to be much bigger than what they serve for lunch.  I only managed to take a picture of this tuna sushi pizza though - we were too hungry and the food was too yummy to remember about photo-shooting after that.


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