Friday, April 15, 2011


Two hours after leaving work I finally got home - and I can't really blame the traffic, because I kept making the wrong turns and missing the right ones. I ended up going around and around and around in circles - I must have passed Islington Ave. 3 times - and took triple the normal time to reach home. And of course I did that on the day that gas price reached an all time high.

I was doing the same thing this morning when I missed the exit to the highway and the next thing I knew I had missed the exit to the alternate route too. And on top of that, my sunglasses had gone missing and the spare pair I had left at B's place. Must be all the things that's been occupying my mind - the death of a good friend's parent, the proposal, the ring, and let-downs by several friends with whom I thought were closer.  I wonder if it's a sign - it's parallel to what's going on in my life - going in circles and taking so long to get where I wanna go... I guess the only comforting thought is that I do eventually get there.

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