Friday, April 29, 2011

My new love Marshall

My dear coworker Diana and I was super excited to hear Marshall's coming to Canada and we decided to visit the Heartland location on its Grand Opening day.  We left work on the dot and zipped through afternoon traffic on the 401 to get there before 5 and we just beat the rush - it was madness from the long line-up entering the parking lot to fighting for parking spots - had we arrived 10 minutes later we would have had to line up outside the store due to crowd-control measures.

The store was packed - especially at the shoes section, where we had trouble navigating through the aisles.  I saw a pair of leather converse hi-tops that were only 30 bucks, but there were none in my size.  We had better luck at the fashion sections though and even though the line-up in the fitting room was long, we had tons of fun trying on everything and getting fashion advice from each other.  Unfortunately for my coworker who had even cleaned out her closet ahead of time, she only came away with a pair of cargo pants, a nice frilly top and a totally adorable cotton sundress.  I, on the other hand, was able to score quite a bit.

Surprise find at Marshall's -

Used to buy these in a little pack of 5's all the time from the little candy store on Bloor when I was in school but was told that they don't make these anymore - so when I saw them I just had to pick one up!!

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