Thursday, December 8, 2011

Korean-Style Kalbi done in FlavorWave Oven

Love the FlavorWave Oven - just used a metal steam rack over a metal place on the bottom and cooked the marinated beef ribs in single layer for 15 minutes and they turned out just as good as Korean BBQ.


  1. Hi Moose!

    Thank you for sharing your Korean-Style Kalbi done in the Flavorwave Oven. It looks so good. Did you make it from frozen? 15mins is super fast! I would love to know your recipe.

    Nikki from Thane
    Official Website:

  2. Hi Nikki, sorry for the late reply - but it's been a busy holiday :)

    The beef ribs were bought frozen and I asked the butcher to slice them thin, then I let them thaw before marinating them in store-bought Kalbi marinade with the addition of some garlic and onion. Since they are so thin 15 minutes is enough, but I do turn them over in the last few minutes just to get a nice char on the other side too.

    Hope you also had a happy holiday and enjoy the Kalbi :)

  3. That sounds good!
    I will try them at home. Any recommendation on kalbi package? Brand ?