Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tiger Prawns Steamed with Garlic

Our local supermarket had these giant shrimps on sale, so I couldn't resist picking up a box - there are only 8 shrimps in a pound and each was at least as long as the full length of my hand.  I got really excited getting them out of the box.

After thawing them and washing with a bit of salt, I had to used a pair of scissors to de-vein the shrimps and cut each open length-wise so that the halves are still attached by the shell on the back.  Then I smeared finely chopped garlic all over the open side and lay them flat on vermicelli (the clear kind) that I had soaked in lukewarm water to soften.

The jumbo shrimps were cooked to perfection after 12 minutes of steaming, and I topped them with a sauce made with sauteed green onion, sugar and soya sauce, with a dash of chicken bouillon.  We all enjoyed it a lot - so much so that I had forgotten to take a snapshot of the dish and only managed to get this picture of the shrimp - which had trouble fitting into my bowl.  Since the prawns were still fairly expensive at 10 bucks a box, I had only picked up one to experiment - but now it seems like I should have bought more while it's on sale!

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