Thursday, March 22, 2012

my first BB cream

A few weeks ago I was wandering around a Shoppers Drug Mart when I saw a BB cream from Garnier - for merely 15 bucks!  Now I've heard great things about BB creams from my pal Michelle, with whom I had gone shopping with for the Skin79 BB cream - and from what I remember,they were at least 25 bucks a pop.  So 15 bucks it's a steal - I couldn't pass up on this deal!

There were 2 shades to choose from, and the lady at the cosmetic counter suggested that the light one might turn out too ashy as all BB creams tend to do, so I went with the medium/dark option.

I didn't really know what to expect from a BB cream despite all the hype around it especially in Asia - and reading through the list of ingredients didn't help as I wasn't really sure what to look for.  But I did recognize linalool (which I had confused with lanolin, which is supposed to help soften the skin), and benzyl salicylate, which should help fight breakouts.

On the face, it feels no different from my other tinted moisturizers - except maybe the coverage was more buildable.  Yet once I got under the sun I was told by B that I looked like a pinay, and then I had been mistaken to have gotten a tan from my vacation.

No matter, as I wasn't about to give up - because a week after I bought the first one Michelle and I found the same BB cream at another Shoppers Drug Mart - for 9 bucks!  So of course I had to pick up the other shade, and that one seems to be working out much better.  It is now part of my daily regime and hopefully I will be able to make use of the darker shade once summer rolls around.

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