Monday, October 29, 2012

Bad parenting?

Can you believe that my teenage brother whom I am babysitting dared to ask me to call in sick for him for frostbite that he got while waiting for the bus that he had to take because he missed his school bus after staying up til late to play online games?  I thought about yielding this request and calling in to tell the truth, but leaving him alone at home just meant more time for him to play online games.  So I dropped him off at school despite having warned him - not once, not twice, but more than ten times - that he can't count on me as his backup plan if he misses his school bus because it would sound ridiculous if I told the school secretary that he is missing school because he couldn't catch his school bus... should I have stood firm and not drive him to school? What if he stayed home and did nothing other than online games?

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