Sunday, October 21, 2012

i'm a survivor!!

I DID IT!!  Since it was my first climb I was just hoping to finish - but I made it to the top under 27 minutes!!

I had to trick myself to think that I wasn't allowed to stop until i reached the 50th floor - then 60th - then since i was half-way done, not to stop until i reached the top - and it worked!!  of course knowing that B was waiting at the top was a huge motivation - if it wasn't for that i would have taken my time rather than pushing through the 144+ flights of stairs without a single break!

Despite the aching thighs and the stench of sweat and BO (and other smelly things I'd rather not think about), the climb itself wasn't the hardest part- rather it was the last few flights of stairs after clocking in.  We made it to the finish line - what do you mean more stairs??

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