Sunday, November 18, 2012

goodies from shiseido warehouse sale 2012

Didn't manage to make it to the Shiseido warehouse sale yesterday as I had hoped due to various circumstances but to make up for it B made sure I woke up early and even dropped me off this morning - despite getting there before 8:30, the line up had already grew past its third turn.  Luckily, I got in just after 9 before the crowd got to the makeup counter. As more and more people pushed and elbowed their way in, it became harder to keep level-headed and seeing most items of sale were not new to the warehouse sale, I came away with merely 100 bucks of damage - and half of that were Nars sets I've picked up as gifts, and half of the remainder were shampoos and more shampoos (12 bucks for enough to last a year - what a steal!).

Only two things were for myself: a nail polish named Night Breed (a black polish with silver glimmer), and a concealer in the shade of Custard. (I really wanted the duo concealer compact but Ginger seems waaay too dark and Vanilla/Honey were too light)



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