Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ratatouille and lasagna

i think nothing can be simpler than dinner that you can just throw into the oven and forget - well except the chopping and cutting part.

Ratatouille: slice zucchini, sweet peppers, red onion and tomatoes and arrange in casserole dish.  Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with minced garlic, salt, ground black pepper and herbs (I used basil and parsley, since that's what I have on hand).  Stick the whole thing into the oven, preheated to 375F.  It'll be ready in an hour.

A loaf of crusty bread would be great to soak up all the juices.

Lasagna: always use oven-ready pasta.  Layer casserole dish with pasta sauce, then lasagna noodle - forget about the gaps between the noodles because they will expand as they cook - then cottage cheese/egg/grated Parmesan mixture then shredded mozzarella then  ground beef cooked with onion.  Repeat the layers, finishing with noodles.  Top with more pasta sauce and shredded cheese,  Bake at 375F for an hour, with a foil over the dish for the first 40 minutes to prevent the cheese from charring.

Easy-piecey.  And very yummy.

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