Friday, May 31, 2013

red velvet cookies

Over the winter, I've fell hopelessly in love with the red velvet crinkle cookie from Panera's Bread.  Looking for a pick-me-up, I went into Panera's recently and was shocked to find that apparently they don't offer it year round!

Since i have some buttermilk to play around with, i decided the one thing i must try to make is the red velvet crinkle.  Most of the recipes asked for a red velvet cake mix, which was so frustrating, because I secretly despise boxed cake mixes - it feels like cheating when it's not made from scratch.

So after some searching I had decided to follow a recipe from scratch featuring a photo of the finished product that resembled the red velvet crinkle the most.  Too bad mine didn't turn out like that.

small ones I made into sandwich cookies with cream cheese filling:


bigger ones I simply dusted with icing sugar:

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