Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Midweek indulgence

We really wanted to see Star trek 2 and to see it on Tuesday when admissions are half-priced - so there we were, at the theater right after work despite the rain and the teenage crowd... and we had a great time!

 Star Trek Into Darkness

It was an awesome movie that we thoroughly enjoyed, even though I had never seen an episode before and didn't get the many references and homage to the previous shows and movies that had to be explained to me after.  It was so quick-paced and packed with action that had me sitting on edge of my seat the whole time.   I want to see it again once it comes out on DVD.

Well, since we skipped dinner to catch the movie and since I was craving junk food (plus I thought, hey, it's ok to indulge a little once a month, especially when I'm having to put up with the cramps), I finally got to try out the famous Five Guys burger and fries!!  

The burger was full of tasty toppings like grilled onions and grilled mushrooms but the Cajun fries were way overrated.  I have had comparable (if not better) burgers for how much we paid though.  The roasted peanuts provided free of charge were amazing and we almost couldn't stop munching on them.  Maybe next time I will go for just burger and nuts.

And of course we had room for ice cream - this Korean ice cream bar had a creamy cookies and cream filling inside a crunchy dark chocolate shell that's wrapped by a milky popsicle layer... yum!

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