Monday, December 9, 2013

swatch: bourjois eye pencils

I've finally gotten a chance to play with  my new eye liners from Bourjois which I'm super excited about - I love the fact that they are essentially two products in one which means that they would be perfect for keeping in the purse and for travelling!

These khol & contour shadow and light eye pencils have a shimmery shade in lighter colors "to illuminate and open up the eyes" on one end and a matt darker shade "to sculpt and intensify" the look.
The color combos included in this limited edition set are black and white; grey and pink; brown and caramel; and lastly, blue and silver - versatile colors that can be worn with pretty much everything.

There isn't a huge difference between the black and the grey and somehow the blue appeared the darkest out of all 4 khol shades.  The pink and the caramel contour shades are absolutely gorgeous especially when worn on the waterline but I'm sure I could find some use for the white and the silver shades as well.


I was pleasantly surprised by the staying power of these eyeliners - usually khol eyeliners smudge and fade in no time but you can still see a trace of these ones after I tried to wash them off with water.  The contour shades were all gone though and only left behind the glitter.  I had to remove them with a cleansing oil.  These are definitely keepers!

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