Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lisa's warehouse sale 2013

I wasn't going to go to this winter's Lisa's warehouse sale but then I saw several blog posts about finding great deals on Anna Sui,  Stila and China Glaze there,  so I ventured out in the cold in the last day of the sale,  waited 30min in line and battled the throng of inconsiderate shoppers who pushed and shoved...  and come out with:

Kotex @ 2.49 ea
H2O de-stress marine gel mask @ 12 ea
Andrea eye makeup corrector pre-moistened swabs @ 2.99 ea
Marcella hydra-c cleansing wipes @ 3
China Glaze nail polish 3 for $10

... among other miscellaneous stuff.

Sadly there weren't anything good left from Stila nor Anna Sui in terms of product and shades,  so that dramatically reduced the damage to my wallet this time around.  Next year though we will have to make a point of hitting the sale earlier before all the goodies get sold out.

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