Saturday, April 19, 2014

bodega on baldwin

celebrated the long weekend with a fancy dinner at bodega with good friends and good food:

I liked the french onion soup, but B is convinced that the one from Creperie Catherine at Mont Tremblant was better

The pan-seared scallops were juicy, tendered and cooked just right, and the tangy fig and tomato relish perfectly complements the sweetness of the scallops.

I still can't pronounce "bouillabaisse" but I know now that I really like it - it's got the taste of a lobster bisque with the texture of a broth and it's full of treasures - meaty scallops, prawns and fish and my only complaint is not having enough crusty bread to soak up every glorious drop. 

Duck confit can only be ordered with seared duck breast which was tough and bland.  The fig, tomato and mushroom sauce made it tolerable on the palate but it's not something I would want to order again.  The leg confit was tender and fell right off the bone. The portion size was quite generous but I think I enjoyed the duck leg confit from The Explorer's Cafe much more.

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