Sunday, April 20, 2014

breakfast for champions

Wrapped up a fun and delish weekend with a feast in the morning - homemade cinnamon rolls and banana pancakes with blueberry compote, bacon, sausage rounds and scrambled eggs, plus some clementines to round out the menu.

I'm so glad the griddler is getting coming in handy and is producing such delicious results - the pancakes were fluffy and the blueberries and chocolate chips in the batter almost negated the need for syrup, except the blueberry compote elevated the pancakes to a whole another level of yumminess.

The cinnamon rolls smelled heavenly fresh out of the oven with just the right touch of crustiness and soft tender middles - even B liked them despite his dislike of cinnamon and had more than two bites.  It's exactly the kind of breakfast I had been craving for since a couple of weeks ago and it really hit the spot - the only problem now is  that we'll have trouble settling for store-bought cinnamon rolls from now on.

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