Wednesday, November 4, 2009

have you ever missed a dose of moose

I did. Twice, in fact, that I missed my dose of antibiotics yesterday. And then I remembered about all the times I've told patients at the pharmacy that antibiotics are supposed to be taken until finished even if they'd start to feel better because you wanna make sure all the bugs are killed off so they don't come back. I was really good with it the first few days, but when I started feeling better it wasn't a top priority anymore to wake up 2 hours early and stay awake for 2 more hours just so I can take the medication as scheduled. Nope, I fell asleep and skipped that dose, made sure I took it in the morning, then left the bottle at home so I had to miss the afternoon dose too.

So remembering my advise to patients and that antibiotic resistence is a real threat, I vowed to be be better today. So far, so good. Let's see what happens tonight!

Well, I am going to take it easy tonight - I've just about had enough today running here and there to get these documents done before the deadline. And I did go to Zumba yesterday- on my own, again - so it's not like I haven't had enough exercise. Maybe I'll go shopping. My dear coworker told me about a Triumph warehouse sale in Oakville this weekend and I'm a big fan. I mean, you can never have too many sexy lingerie, right?

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