Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sponge Cake Attempt # 2

phew, that was a long post yesterday. As B was saying when I showed him my new blog for the first time, "WHO WOULD READ IT???" Eh, wth, I will write what I want regardless, even if no one will read what I write.

Yesterday we had hot pot to celebrate Dad's birthday (that was my birthday present for him), and we got too full and too sleepy (after all that food and wine) to bake. So this afternoon I had a chance to make another attempt at sponge cake after we came home from lunch. This time around, I made sure the temperature of the oven started and stayed at 350 degrees F as specified by the recipe. But other things had gone wrong: the cake still came out dense and moist - in fact, it's worse than what it was like the first time around. When I took at peek at it (with the oven light of course, because opening the oven door is a definite no-no) the cake looked gorgeous - it rose beautifully. But when I took it out of the oven, the cake has collapsed to half of what it was! And we didn't allow it to cool properly today neither, because B was too eager to eat and couldn't wait until it has properly cooled. Not that it would have made a big difference, because the non-stick pan worked too well again this time and the cake slid right off and landed on its top once I flipped it upside down to cool. I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that two of the eggs didn't separate properly so only 8 of the egg whites went in for the beating, instead of the total of 10. And since I had exhausted the egg supply in my fridge with the last attempt we bought more eggs - but these ones were "extra large", rather than just "large", so the proportion of liquids/fats in the batter may have been altered. Now it seems like attempt # 3 is inevitable, and it's just a matter of when B and my family is going to be sick of eating sponge cake.

On a side note, B has complained that I have wrote nothing positive about him in my blog, so here we go: I love you B!!

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