Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fluffy scarf

My ADHD manifested as the intense urge to start a new project when I found among my stash a ball of novelty yarn that I had picked up in Hong Kong a few years back, despite the numerous work-in-progress nearing their two-year mark. I had high hopes and many different ideas for this "yarn", which is basically a rope with fuzzy pom-poms along its length.

The pastel color combination had me at first sight - I was gonna take it home with me even though I couldn't exactly decide what I was gonna do with it.

After looking up patterns featuring similar yarns available in North America such as the Pom-a-doodle by Red Heart and experimenting with several of the more interesting ones, I took the basic concept from the loopy scarf pattern but made my own modifications, resulting in a scarf that is bulkier along the body and longer to suit my height.

It was done within three hours since it is basically two rows of crochet, and somehow it really reminds me of an Easter bunny. Plus I still have a small ball of left-over yarn to play with! Next time I come across this yarn I am going to have to stock up!

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