Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Gears for Tremblant

Since B's binding lost a strap when we went snowboarding on Thursday and the end-of-season sales are starting, we had all the excuses we needed to check out Corbett's in Oakville.

We learnt our lesson last time when we didn't go check it out early enough and missed the deals. (quantities limited - and the best deals are often what they have low inventory) So this time we made a point to be there soon as it opened, but even so the store was already packed with fellow bargain hunters. We had clear goals - bindings for him, boots for me ( I can't stand my old boots anymore since they are too big that my heels lift when carving and they take so much efforts just to be laced up properly.). B had also been eyeing the new style of goggles - the ones without the bulky frames. We had to fight for the attention if the staff to get what we wanted, and the lineup weaving through the store took us over an hour to get through, but in the end it was worth it. Everything was half off, so we afforded to splurge a little and picked up more than what we aimed for.

Here are my loots:

B got what he wanted:

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