Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some TLC for my eyes

Just picked up the Vitamin C eye reviver duo from the Body Shop with their 3 for $30 promo - I had been on the lookout for a rollerball- type eye care product after seeing the one from Clinique and after Michelle told me about the one from Garnier - I was curious and really wanted to try it out for myself what the buzz is all about.

On one end is the gel applied with the rollerball to "refresh around the eye" - the gel was very light weight and the cold metal felt really nice against the skin. The skin under my eye felt a little bit tighter, although it is not visually noticeable.

On the other end is a cream to "revive under the eye" but I am not too crazy about the wand applicator and the cream didn't seem to do much. I know I can't expect results after just one application but I'm still a wee bit disappointed when B couldn't notice the difference between my left eye which I tested the product on and my right eye which i had left bare.

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