Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mushroom Melt Salad

Mushroom is one of B's favorite veggies and of mine too, and a little while ago he's made a request for a mushroom salad.  Inspired by the mushroom melt burger, I complemented the mushrooms and salad greens with bacon and cheese - and it turned out so yummy that I've made it again and again!

For this yummy salad, you will need a pint of cremini mushrooms (or white button mushrooms, depending on availability), one heart of romaine, several slices provolone cheese (swiss works well too), an onion and several strips of bacon.  You'll also need a tablespoon or so of Ceasar dressing for that extra bit of zest.

Cook bacon until crispy and let cool.  Use a little of the bacon fat to sauté the mushroom and onion slices until mushrooms are dark and tender and the onions are caramelized.  Wash lettuce and dry using salad spinner, then cut into thin strips.  Toss lettuce with Ceasar dressing and place onto serving plate.  Top with shredded cheese, then quickly top with sautéed mushroom and onion (so the cheese will melt a little). Crumble bacon over salad - et voilà!

Best served warm.

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  1. OK, I had a snack, dinner, and dessert, but now I'm hungry again!!