Monday, May 16, 2011

Brunch Buffet + Thor = Awesome Weekend

In exchange for babysitting my brother (who doesn't really need any babysitting since he's already in grade 9), my parents had decided that we should use the coupon they got to enjoy the Sunday Brunch Buffet at Tucker's Marketplace.  We've been to Tucker's for dinner a few times, mostly for birthdays because the birthday person gets their meal for free; but we've never been there for brunch.  Their brunch buffet is just as impressive as their dinner buffet, and we enjoyed it a lot - except by royal decree (aka mom's order) we were forbidden to order orange juice - she held a grudge for the hefty bill last time and we understood why as we were finishing the meal.  The waitress first greeted us with a pitcher of orange juice in hand but later on I had found out that the orange juice is not included in the buffet price nor were there complimentary refills.  The tiny champagne glasses would have held maybe 4 oz. of OJ and it would have been so easy to down four of those given the saltiness of the food and the promptness they offered refills.  Despite just having water, however, we enjoyed the meal as there was a good variety of breakfast and lunch items, including fresh omelet and pasta cooked to order, as well as butter tarts and chocolate fountains among other scrumptious desserts.

After brunch we shopped for a little bit at Future Shop and headed over to Starbucks for a half-price frappuccino, Sunday being the last day of the promotion and we had some time to kill before the movie started.  The theatre wasn't crowded and we got decent seats even though we arrived just as the lights dimmed.  Thor was an enjoyable movie - although the plot could have used more substance, the sheer hotness of the blond-haired blue-eyed god of thunder with ripped abs totally made up for it.  The witty humor and awesome graphics helped too, except the battle scenes were not quite long enough.  B didn't find the gorgeous Natalie Portman enough to save the film though, but I'd say we all had a good time at the movies.

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