Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another shopping spree

We were at a warehouse sale this weekend to pick up some water filters for the fridge, but they had sold out by the time we got in.  We didn't come away with nothing though - 300 bucks got me my dream mixer that I had been yearning for since our brief time together two Christmases ago, plus a whole set of KitchenAid nonstick bakeware.  I had one of these cookie sheet but it got discolored and stained by cooking spray (which Mom still hasn't learnt not to use on my non-stick bakewares) - I still use the cookie sheet and it's still great, but why not pick up another new shiny one when it's only 3 bucks?  My credit card's been maxed out but how can I pass up on this awesome deal?? Now I can whip up goodies like they do on those cooking shows we drool to.

Now all I need is an uninterrupted time and space in the kitchen as I already have most ingredients stocked up...

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