Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shopping spree

Five hours and three warehouse sales later, I had loads of fun and am now the proud owner of a few more nail polishes that filled in gaps of the color spectrum in my existing collection, 

several liquid eyeliners in gorgeous shimmery shades,

more socks than I can wear in a week,

and a bunch of accessories that I don't really know how to wear but couldn't pass up because they were too gorgeous.

Oh and I forgot to mention my new belt and a couple of chic sweaters from Esprit. All for under $150.

I'm still on a shopping high!


  1. you had time to do all this last night?? AMAZING!! I just crashed into bed when I got home!! (Yes... smelling like pho!)

  2. You're right those socks are awesome, and the jewelry is fabulous!! Can't wait to see it all on you :)