Tuesday, June 21, 2011

lunch date at Chili's

I had the rare pleasure of enjoying lunch with my sweetie B on a weekday and we opted for some Mexican fare at Chili's.  The restaurant is only a few minutes away from work and we've always wanted to try it - but were told that an hour wouldn't be enough to make it out and back.  Well, I was having a rough morning and couldn't care less - but the service was amicable and quick, since we have told our server that we were on a limited lunch hour.  The colorful decor kept us busy until the food arrived so it didn't feel like we had to wait long.

I chose the smoky pulled pork sliders with fries off the lunch menu; while B picked the chicken quesadilla complete with salsa and sour cream upon the recommendation from our server.   The ceasar salad was nothing to write home about, but both our entrée were great and very filling.  I would definitely want to go back again to try some of the other dishes they offered.

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