Saturday, July 16, 2011

cherry-picking and the waterfront

After a nice breakfast at Sunset Grill in Oakville, we travelled to Grimsby for the much anticipated pick-your-own cherries.  Unfortunately the colder-than-usual spring and the extreme heat in the past several days meant that the cherry-picking season was much shortened - it had merely been 2 weeks since the fruits were ready and most of them were gone already - either picked at the peak of ripeness or left all shrivelled up on the tree.  The owner, in fact, told us that we were free to walk around and eat whatever we could find, out of sympathy that we had driven all the way down there only to be disappointed.

With keen eyes and determination, along with B's squat-jumping skills and body-lifting strength thanks to P90X, we were able to gather quite a few - but not quite enough to warrant paying for a basket, so my straw hat became a make-shift bowl.  We enjoyed them under the shade of the cherry trees, and luckily we were able to bring some local cherries home from a fruit stand just outside of the farm.

We stopped by the waterfront in Burlington on the way back - we found it by fluke because we were avoiding traffic on the QEW (yep - on a Saturday) and ended up taking Lakeshore Rd. - and the scenery was too beautiful to resist.  It was the perfect weather to spend time strolling along the lake, cooling off on the splash pad and enjoying creamy gelato on the patio.

Although the day didn't go quite as planned, we still ended up having a jolly good time.  As B's taught me - it's all about what you make of it: you could sulk and let it ruin your day, or you could decide to make the best with what you've got.  So why be gloomy when you can be positive?

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