Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Ritu's Big Day

Since the bridesmaids have different schedules and come from different areas and the bride's family is in Markham, it was decided that we would get our own Mehndi done - and of course the first person I thought of was my dear friend Darling with whom I used to work.  I loved it when she tattooed my arm several years ago when my old boss and co-workers were getting their mehndi done for Eid, and I loved the intricate designs she's drawn up for me this time too!  Thanks Darling!

The mehndi looks really dark and glossy in these pictures because the henna (sealed with a lemon juice-sugar mixture) is still on.  Right now I still have saran wrap around my hands and arms so the henna can stay on my skin for as long as possible - it looks ridiculous, but I want to make sure the color comes out so Darling's efforts won't be wasted!

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