Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary?!!

So today marks the day that I've joined my new company for a year.  It's hard to imagine 12 months ago I was still running around, standing on people's back until they signed off my change controls - on paper - and now everything's done over the computer and I have yet to speak with half of the approvers I deal with on a regular basis - let alone meeting them in person.  The advance in technology makes for a more sedentary job - most of the day I am holed up in my cubicle and it definitely showed on the bathroom scale.

As if to commemorate my anniversary at my job, I got a speeding ticket on my way to work - something I knew would happen sooner or later now that I'm spending at least triple the time behind the wheels to get to work.  It just caught me off-guard because at that moment my mind was so wrapped up in the poor baby squirrel that disappeared under my wheels after it abruptly turned into the  direction of my car.  I feel more guilty about the roadkill than the ticket but I didn't think that's something appropriate to share with the officer.  I don't think I will fight the ticket though - after all, I did go a little faster than the prescribed 40 km/hr.

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