Sunday, August 21, 2011

Treetop Trekking

It was so much fun climbing trees, walking on tightropes and zipping from one tree to the next that we're already thinking about going back - and we were lucky to have had conquered 3 obstacle courses before the thunderstorm came too close and the treetop trekking park had to be evacuated.  Too bad we didn't get a chance to try the Big Zip nor the Black course, which is supposed to be the most challenging of all.

Only 2-storeys high
Diana ready on zipline

It gave a great sense of accomplishment when we reached ground again, looking back at all the obstacles we overcame - not as thrilling as I'd thought (no, I wouldn't consider this an extreme sport) but definitely loads of fun.  Plus, it was a whole-body work-out - my arms and legs were sore well into the evening!

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