Monday, September 12, 2011

Mmmmm... more meats!!!

Soul-satisfying 1/2-lb burger with a generously-portioned small salad from Royal Meats BBQ in Etobicoke after another fruitless shopping trip (this time to downtown Toronto - but come on, if I didn't come away with anything in New York, what was I thinking to hope I'd find something in Toronto?)  Burger plus salad and drink came to just over $15, so it's just a tad more expensive than Hero Burgers, but it's totally worth it to see them grab your piece of meat from the counter and put it on the grill in front of your eyes - and the serving size is definitely more generous than Hero's.  Tastes way better too.

My friends had the shish-kabob sandwich and the steak sandwich, both of which were also very yummy and very filling - we wished we had shared a sandwich instead of getting one each because we were left with no room for the crepes that looked so tempting on the menu.  The cappuccino was also highly recommended - even though I found it weird to be sipping coffee while having burgers - beer would probably have been a better pairing.  Or wine, for that matter, which Royal Meats also serve in small bottles similar to the ones you used to find on airplanes. I can't wait to go back to try some of the other offerings like the chevaps sausages served on a bun.

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