Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Only took 3 hours to drive home last night in the downpour  - it seemed like every route I took there's always a fire truck whizzing by, then halting in front of a pool of water (most of which had piles of cars half submerged) and directing traffic to turn back.  I must have turned back at least 3 times - and it didn't help that I didn't have a GPS  (of course my phone ran out of battery when I needed it)... It was so nerve-wrecking that I was nearly brain-dead when I finally reached home.

It amazes me though to see so many drivers who shouldn't be on the roads - whatever happened to the treat-all-lights-as-stop-signs rule??  Yes, you in that old champagne-colored Camry with dark tinted windows blatantly flying through an intersection where a cop car was parked - and you too Mr. TTC bus driver that did slow approaching the lights but didn't bother to stop.  I'm pretty sure traffic wouldn't be half as bad if people actually obeyed the rules to give right of way.

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