Tuesday, July 23, 2013

thanks but no thanks

I was at Costco picking up some avocados for my coworker when this tall cute guy came to line up behind me and, as he chivalrously helped me unload my groceries onto the cashier belt, struck up a conversation about my weird mix of food (what dish does one make that calls for pepperettes, anchovies and avocados?) and how the only perk working at Costco is free membership. He then introduced himself as I was just finished paying, and proceeded to ask me for my number.  It totally caught me off guard, and I stammered and even lost track of where I've parked my car while fishing for words to politely turn him down. I guess I should have told him "thanks - I'm extremely flattered - but no thanks" rather than a curt "no" - I just got so flustered in this novel situation that I couldn't think quick enough to react.  

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