Tuesday, July 16, 2013

you know how sometimes you roll out of bed and you know that it'll be a bad day?  yea - today's one of those days... my eye still hasn't quite recovered yet - the redness is mostly gone but my vision still a bit blurry; I couldn't find any matching work clothes in the morning and of course today's the day for the meeting where everyone will be there, 2 trucks had tried to push me out of my lanes because they apparently have no need to check blindspots - and now that I'm at work my tolerance for nonsense had been completely worn out.  i mean, come on!! are you seriously going to pounce every chance you get??  If I'm working on A, stop hassling me about when B and C will be done - because the more time I spend peeling you off my back, the less time I have to actually get work done!!

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