Monday, December 14, 2009

Moose Reviews: Nawab in Streetsville

We went to lunch at Nawab today as a get-together before one of our colleagues leaves for her vacation in India. Nested in the corner of the small plaza on Queen St. and Tannery, it had plenty of parking spaces at the rear. I loved the interior decorations - there were plenty of decorative quilts with shiny elephants motifs. We could smell the aroma of food once we set foot inside, and the waiter led us to a round table in front of the bay window looking out to Queen St.
My coworker has had Nawab's butter chicken at the Thornhill location before and had raved about it for a long time, so she called before we went to make sure that the butter chicken would be part of the set lunch for the non-vegetarians. For the vegetarian option my coworker had requested to have somethine other than daal, and they were very accomodating. For $7.99 (+ tax & tip), the set lunch was served as a thali (on a stainless steel tray with sections) and included 2 appetizers, 2 curries, a salad, along side naan and rice as well as a gulab juman for dessert.
We weren't really crazy about the garlic vegetable balls which were soft and soggy, but the tandoori chicken tikka was so tender and flavourful that we wouldn't mind having more. For the 2 curries we had butter chicken as requested, and the other was a dish with small spinach patties in a creamy yellow curry called palak kofta. I'm not sure if I liked the patties because of their texture, but the curry was amazing. And my coworker was right - it was the best butter chicken I've had, and I've had butter chicken pretty much everywhere else we've gone to because it is usually the tamest dish in terms of spiciness. The naan was awesome as well, a little on the thin side but crispy on the outside and tenderly soft inside.
Too bad they didn't offer refills (hence "set lunch" rather than "buffet" or "thali"). But then again for the amount of food they serve there wasn't really a need for refills if one were to finish each and every dish. It was so much more enjoyable than Eddie's - both food-wise and service-wise. We are already planning our next visit before we even got back to work.

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