Monday, December 28, 2009

A Day Too Late

Amidst all the holiday festivities, I had somehow convinced B to join in the Boxing Day shopping frenzy - but only limited to snowboarding gears. We had ran around from store to store and finally made it to Corbett's in Oakville yesterday - only to find out that the Burton Feather 2010 (which I had set my eyes on) with bindings was on special for $330 BUT they were all SOLD OUT. It was love at first sight with the board - and honestly, I'm too much of a beginner to know if all the other features of the board were suitable for my skill level. And everywhere we've looked, the lowest price we had seen was $320 (at SportChek, limited quantities). So at $330 it's a steal because it's almost as if they're throwing in the Burton bindings for free!! I was so excited when I heard about the deal that I was crushed by disappointment when he came back saying the package's all sold out. Apparently they were all gone by afternoon on Boxing Day, so we made it there a day too late. B, on the other hand, scored a bunch of stuff and now has a completely new set of gear for our Blue Mountain trip.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the board. Keep an eye out, maybe you will find it later! Have fun on your trip and I hope to see you on the 2nd! Enjoy!